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"TeamFirst™ is a must-read for anyone who wishes to understand the human dynamics of how to inspire employees - and receive a high degree of productivity in return."
Linda L. Miles

"TeamFirst™ is a powerful title and even more powerful concept, reality and must for all practices!"
Naomi Rhode

"TeamFrist™ is a proverbial teambuilding goldmine!"
The McKenzie Company

"TeamFirst™ captures the essence of what makes a business thrive!"
Clasen Consulting

What the audience is saying about Risa's programs:

"Best seminar I've attended in twenty years!"

"Great speaker! Great presentation! I loved the music and computer graphics!

"Fun, upbeat, informative and provocative-keep bringing her back!"

"Great humor, very well organized and very impressive media presentation."

"Speaker very personable, friendly and kept us all awake and going. All relevant material and kept control during the numerous questions. I walked away with several nuggets!"

"Excellent audio and visual aids. Best ever! Interesting topics!"

"Very entertaining. She made infection control & OSHA regulations actually seem exciting. Very informative seminar! I didn't want to nod off even once!"

What the meeting planners and scouts are saying about Risa's programs:

"Thanks for such an outstanding presentation! We have heard nothing but great comments about your program!"

-Hinman Dental Meeting

"The group enjoyed your program and found you to be an excellent, motivational speaker with great ideas. Thank you!"
-University of Minnesota

"Your information was cutting edge, straight forward and practical to implement. You managed to make a discussion on an extremely stressful subject upbeat and entertaining. Thank you!"
-Sullivan-Schein Dental

"This is a flawless program. Ms. Pollack-Simon is a well prepared & talented speaker. Her passion for her material is obvious as she conveys the importance of her message. Her interaction with the audience and visual presentation is impressive. She truly captures the audience for the entire day."
-CE Review

What Consulting Clients Are Saying About Risa:

About three years ago team morale was at an all time low. Personnel problems were so overwhelming, that I considered bailing out of dentistry even though I was still enjoying my patients and the art and science of my profession. There were so many problems and issues to address, that I decided to seek consultation from Risa Simon. When Risa came on board, she was presented with an absolute hornet's nest of trouble and chaos from my office. Yet, under Risa's expert guidance and tutelage, we cut through all the personnel issues, implemented systems and restored my practice sanity. As a means of sustaining the momentum Risa initiated, we promoted our most capable 'star employee' to take on the role of Practice Administrator; and with her great work and Risa's mentoring, team morale is at an all time high - and the potential of my practice is now limitless!

DDS -Fresno, California

Risa is a great problem solver. She always got to the heart of personnel matters without involving me directly. Risa taught me how to eliminate problems before they occurred and she partnered with me in hiring and firing employees. Many times, she perceived things in potential candidates, which I missed, thus saving me from hiring incompatible employees. She also softened the blow of having to terminate an employee that, although competent, caused staff conflicts. Risa was invaluable in team development, including honing me into a much more effective leader.

DMD -Scottsdale, Arizona

"Risa is the ultimate professional consultant - and the Energizer Bunny of Dentistry. She keeps us going and going - and going!"

- DMD - Scottsdale, Arizona

"Risa is an incredible voice of reason and wisdom. Her dedication to creating practice excellence is unparalleled"

- DDS - Visalia, California

"Risa's ability to identify the REAL issues holding us back from being a more effective team was extraordinary! Her unique approach in helping us make some very key personnel changes, allowed us to find a more conducive "fit" for our team - which significantly improved the atmosphere in our office for maximum team performance"

- DDS - Phoenix, Arizona

"Risa is amazing! Her wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience is a tremendous asset. She helped us improve efficiency, do the right things faster and better, improve patient relations … and best of all she saved us time and money with the design of our office!"

- Dr. Larry Emmott

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