Our coaching style is unique and refreshing - and extremely effective. With expertise in human behavior, team performance, business management, customer service & marketing, ergonomic design, technology and clinical efficiency - we've developed an unparalleled collaboration of talent to offer our clients one of the most comprehensive coaching programs in dentistry.

Through a unique interactive approach, we 'partner' with your practice. We work directly with your people (on-site, by telephone or in a remote training facility) to help your workforce reduce errors, become more proactive - and accountable!

Our objective is to treat your team with respect and dignity by offering them opportunities to reach their full potential. This process is critically important to your success formula, as your growth is interdependent upon your team's ability to trust and respect their leader. Our goal is to make sure your have the right people, in the right places - doing the right things!

Establishing a compatible team is a key element to increasing production, reducing overhead, and creating a smooth-running, congenial environment. With extensive training in psychology and handwriting analysis, we have the ability to delve deeper into personnel issues by helping you distinguish and resolve personality differences that may impede practice growth. When a poor fit is discovered, we'll simply help you transition those who may be poorly "matched"- elsewhere.

Likewise, building relationships is often times more important than the practice of dentistry itself. Our expertise in customer service, marketing & team performance can help you cultivate the right business climate to fortify your team's "bond strength" - and "right-fit" your patient profiles to increase case acceptance.

We offer several venues of consulting packages, depending on degree of need, sense of urgency, size of office, location of practice and level of desired growth:

This is a two-day evaluation & training program for a smaller office (or area specific project). In this format, the client submits requested statistical information prior to the consultant's on-site visit for preliminary review. On the first day, the consultant will interview personnel directly involved in "perceived problem areas," evaluate systems and observe patient care interactions to identify 'hot spots' for team inefficiencies and system dysfunctions. On the second day of your two-day assessment, your consultant will present her findings and recommendations surrounding the immediate areas of concern. This program includes a 'punch-list' report summarizing consultant's findings and recommendations for immediate implementation - and a time-released coaching plan for planned growth, plus up to 2 hours of telephone or email coaching.

This is a three-day evaluation & training program, which focuses on administrative systems, team performance and accountability, levels of productivity and profitability. In this format, the client submits requested statistical information prior to the consultant's on-site visit for preliminary review. On the first two days, your consultant(s) will interview personnel, review job descriptions, evaluate administrative systems and software, observe patient care interactions and the use of your facility to identify 'hot spots' for team inefficiencies and system dysfunctions. On the third day of this assessment, your consultant(s) will address your immediate areas of need while presenting their overall findings and a summary of recommendations to your team. This program is followed by a 'time-released' training report designed to recap consultant's findings, recommendations and address your desired growth goals. This program also includes up to 3 hours of telephone or email coaching.

This program is offered after a SmartStart™ Assessment Program or a Comprehensive Assessment Program to help the client achieve and sustain desire goals. Ongoing coaching packages consist of a combination of on-site visits, telephone conference calls and email "reminders" which are scheduled approximately every 3-6 weeks, over a period of 6 -12 months, depending on client need. This program also includes unlimited telephone and email coaching during the term of the client's agreement.

When your area of need is isolated, or you'd prefer to 'try-us-on'* before engaging in a long term relationship, we also offer:
  • Hourly Telephone (or Hourly On-Site Coaching)**
  • Full Day & Half-Day** On-Site Visits
  • Full Day & Half- Day Seminars & Workshops
** Depending on location

All New Clients Are Invited To Take Advantage of Our Initial 'Fee-Waived' Telephone Interview

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