The Top 7 Questions That Characterize Practice Success!

Do You Want To Become a Better Leader or Manager?
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1. Do you have the right people, in the right places, doing the right things? Do you often feel there's something's missing, but you can't quite put your finger on it? Are you proactively addressing your concerns - or simply hoping they'll eventually go away? Don't wait too long to confirm your suspicions - or you could be rudely awakened to discover that it's already costing you three to five times "the wrong" employee's annual salary, in lost opportunity!

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2. Do you struggle to understand the temperaments or personality styles of your employees, boss or team partners? Does it feel like everyone has a different motive in obtaining shared goals? Do you find yourself praying for everyone to "just get along"?
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3. Have you ever hired an employee who didn't perform to your level of expectation? Did you ever have an employee who insisted they deserved a raise regardless of their contributions? Are you tired of "cleaning up the mess" when new hires aren't properly screened or informed about their level of accountability? If so, read chapter 3 to learn what it takes to ensure new hires are properly guided to meet your level of expectation!
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4. Do you hear a resonating cry for acknowledgment from those you employ? Are your employees telling you that they don't feel valued or appreciated? Do you tell your employees annually that they are doing a good job and even give them a raise, but it never seems to be enough?
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5. Do employees repeatedly make mistakes? Do you have an official training program for new hires? Are you reluctant to block time for training for fear of lost production or potential employee turnover?
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6. Did you know that the average entrepreneur fails more than three times before "making it" in business? How many times have you (or your team) done something less than perfect? Don't be maddened by first time errors. You can embrace each shortfall as a valuable tool to help your business grow by reading this chapter…
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7. Do you have clearly defined goals? Do you have a plan to assess your progress? Do your employees hold themselves accountable to the numbers? Do they know how to track the numbers? Do they know what the numbers mean? Do they have the knowledge, power and wisdom to control your destiny?
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These 7 principles are excerpts from Risa Simon’s new Book: TeamFirst!
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